Frequently Asked Questions

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The pink pigment is a natural chemical reaction that occurs when enzymes in the coconut react with oxygen.The process is known as enzymatic browning, and it is similar to the process that causes cut apples or bananas to turn brown when exposed to air.

While we don’t often see damaged packages, if yours arrives damaged, please contact us immediately so we can sort things out and get you a replacement. 

You can pause, delay or cancel your subscription by logging into your account.

Yes! We’ll need their email address so we can contact them and let them know to expect your gift! (It’s important they know so they don’t leave it in the heat for too long).

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While frozen, you'll have 18 months. Once thawed, keep refrigerated and please enjoy the bottle within 90 days.

We do everything we can to deliver our product to you in its optimal condition, so we hope you're able to receive the package on the same day it arrives, as you would other grocery orders.

We'll send the order in an insulated bag, which will keep the order cold until it arrives to your door. We ask that the orders are received and immediately places in the refrigerator to preserve the quality.

Every order ships out frozen, packed in a reusable grocery bag. It may arrive to you frozen, or thawed. You may notice condensation in the bag or box.

Please refrigerate the bottles immediately!